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Book your place at the opening ceremony on the 17th Sat for design talks by Prof. Taek-jin Nam, Prof. Hwajung Hong, and Prof. Hyunjoon Park

hosted by Prof. Chang-hee Lee.

17-26 Dec 2022

@DDP Seoul

design projects are the stories we create. Each of our project is based on a story, and is a story that we write together. It will make you smile, want to dance, and hopefully inspire you. Click to view the latest projects.

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So, what is your story? We'd love to hear from you. 

Feel free to share with us. 


Our projects are stories that move. They move people around but they move their hearts first. 

Whether it is a blue sky concept or a tight production delivery our works put us human beings back in the centre of it all, just like a good piece of Human Centred Design. While we reject being buried in the design process, we take advantage of our strong tool - story. 

Our works are inspired by the stories we collect in observing people in action, they are responses to what our users tell us during our research phase, and they are the very stories that we write together with our partners and our clients. 


Let us welcome you to the stories that move. 

projects cover.jpg

"Form follows the story."

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