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design projects are the stories we create. Each of our project is based on a story, and is a story that we write together. It will make you smile, want to dance, and hopefully inspire you. Click to view the latest projects.

Truly sustainable progress is achieved when people who will benefit from it take ownership and continue the movement. Polestar's division_Wonder invites the next generation to an environment where they can co-create the future they will live in with the help of grown-ups before the baton is entirely handed over. 

Polestar Wonder01 is the first creation of this imaginary division. Inspired by children's desire to have fun with cars, Polestar turned the dead space of car parks into a safe and welcoming place. 



* Independent case study 

Vivid colours and soft touch plastic combinations from gaming devices directly influenced the CMF choices of the car, communicating its playful soul and robust yet safe nature. The Polestar logo is reinterpreted on the body side as a sculptural element that children will touch the most - the main doors and the sliding frame for the swing. 

Insights from un-focus group research and observation are reflected on the shape of the car. The exterior of the car looks like it's made from cardboard boxes. The easily recognisable shape is not only modular and easy to manufacture but also expresses a strong character. Without any explanation, it looks like you should climb up and come sliding down on your bum. 

Its presence on the road is a fun sight to watch. Totally distinct geometric shape and flat surfaces are complemented by four individual wheels at each corner, stabilising the car while demonstrating a wonderful sight to behold for children. Each wheel contains an electric motor encapsulated in a transparent box that rotates the frictionless wheel. 

They are customisable and easily rearranged. The *heavily assisted steering wheel and display slide along the IP allowing easy swap of the driver role. The rear seats are positioned higher for a stadium seating experience - another feature for cool kids. 

Now, it's time to play.

The rugged and spartan interior is inspired by hard-wearing travel gears and gym equipment, where things will be thrown on. The louvres make sure flexible storage and space usage. The detachable cushions are straight from soft play area except that it's covered in recycled plastic.

* The car's fully autonomous. It works as a driving guide for younger drivers.

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