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design projects are the stories we create. Each of our project is based on a story, and is a story that we write together. It will make you smile, want to dance, and hopefully inspire you. Click to view the latest projects.

Move Lab participated in the 2023 Seoul Mobility Show with the theme of mobility beyond mobility. Bugatti Le Souffle case study was on display at our booth with another project of ours - Polestar Wonder01 amongst other brilliant research results showcased at KAIST booth next to EV startups and full-scale OEMs. 

During the 10-day period we had phenomenal responses from the public and the industry professionals. It was an invaluable opportunity to meet people and inspire each other through our work. 


Here are some of the real images from the show. 


Le Souffle

* This project was an independent case study. There was no collaboration between Move Lab and Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. 

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