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We are newly established but certainly not without experiences. 

Nestled in the northern part of KAIST, neighbouring Graduate School of Culture Technology and School of Digital Humanities and Computational Social Sciences, overlooking curvaceous state-of-the-art sports complex, and surrounded by Sakura blossom, Industrial Design department sits where the latest technological advancement is intersected by the warmth of human science. Sat within the modern glass walls in the department, Move lab aims to bring in the synergy of collaboration from within the institute and outside, moving one step at a time. 

Our Lab

Our culture is defined by this question, "How can we serve you?"

As an educational community as well as a design and research agency, it is our mandate to help our researchers find their own gemstones in themselves and refine them to accomplish what they are born for.

The same principle applies to our clients who choose to partner with us. Together we will find the gold in you and let it shine.

Our Culture

How we do one thing is how we do everything. We are made of imperfect individuals but we grow every day.

Integrity, humility, and excellence are what define us and what we look for in our future team members.

If you have similar values, are skilled in your area, and have a passion for mobility design, why don't you grow with us?

Our Team

We are MOVE lab.








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