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This course provides an array of essential skills to perform as a product designer in practice. Utilizing skills and processes acquired in foundation classes, the course is designed to equip students with the ability to solve problems that users experience of now and years down the line in the form of hardware product design. Through this students are expected to develop core ‘design muscles’ and learn practical tools to tackle challenges typically encountered by a product designer.

Open to mainly 2nd year students, for whom this class was the first ever lesson to go through the process of research and design a product prototype, designing a working prototype and a vision of the future realistically rendered to a high standard was a challenging yet rewarding experience.


Product Design

Extreme User Research
Ergonomic Study

Human Centred


Hands-on mock-up build
Working prototype making

Delivering a

relevant solution

for the context

Define your target group for the year 2035 and research their lifestyle, societal context, and available technologies. Design a projecut that serves them with the title of “New Concept of ____ in the year 2035”

Project II

Future casting  Understanding context

Key Takeways

Solving problems that don’t exist yet

Design aesthetics Design language

Effective visual communication in 2D/3D

Design execution and refinement

Team work

Key Takeways

Universal &

ergonomic design

Finding / Defining

/ Solving a problem

Design solution implementable Now

Observation / Brainstorming

/ Prototyping / Sketching

Design a product that serves universal audience with strong ergonomic advantage, which solves the problem the user group encounter in their daily lives.

Project I

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