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design projects are the stories we create. Each of our project is based on a story, and is a story that we write together. It will make you smile, want to dance, and hopefully inspire you. Click to view the latest projects.

“How would Bugatti continue to grow its Brand in the post-ICE-era and the post-pandemic world?"

Bugatti Le Souffle is an independent design study that was born out of these two questions. An electric Bugatti in the post-pandemic world. Where 0-60 in 3 seconds is no longer a matter of rarity and electric powertrains are all-across-the-board similarly capable, how would an electric Bugatti give its privileged owners an unparalleled experience? Would there be a new way to communicate the uncompromised ingenuity of the brand? Sat in a room while the world was locked down under the behemoth of the pandemic that hit us all in early 2020, I began to wonder.


Le Souffle

* This project was an independent case study. There was no collaboration between Move Lab and Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. 

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