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Bubblic Public 

Bubblic Public is a project that was birthed out of the class ID430 Mobility Design that Prof. Hyunjoon Park teaches at ID KAIST. It was one of the best projects in terms of creativity and design impact, we chose to further develop the project as an inter-lab collaboration. The two post-graduate researchers Jungwoo Kim and Geunyong Park from ID+IM lab worked under the direction of Prof. Park at Move Lab with Prof. Sangmin Bae's kind approval. 

* Independent case study 

Inspired by bubbles that appear and disappear without leaving any trace, Bubblic Public is an on-demand public transport, designed to provide the most flexible experience to all stakeholders while leaving the least impact. Without a heavy infrastructure, its unique single-module design, made of extendable chassis and bubbles, can serve as a passenger transport, a delivery vehicle, and a mobile smart farm, cleverly adjusting to the size and needs of end users and service providers throughout different time periods and the entire product lifecycle. It’s more flexible, versatile, and sustainable than existing ones thanks to its modular design.

A bubble-like
On-demand Public Transport

Because current public transport is inherently rigid due to heavy infrastructure, not everybody or area gets the benefits. As more diverse lifestyles and work options emerge, one-size-fits-all solutions can’t satisfy different users today, creating systematic accessibility problems. BP is flexible on many levels. Like bubbles that appear out of nowhere, it shows up to different users in different areas as ordered. It adjusts to a desired size, offering versatility of space. The same module can deliver parcels or turn into mobile smart farms by swapping interior components, offering a truly versatile and circular ecosystem in its lifecycle.




Bubblic Public consists of a bamboo stem-inspired chassis and airbags - bubbles. Just like bamboo, BP’s gently swooping profile blends in with any place, while its pure form adorns the environment with minimum visual interruption. Like children’s bubbles that bring delight, BP’s inflatable bubbles are designed to add a whimsical surprise to busy citizens. Made of TPU, they provide military-grade durability, but if damaged, can easily be replaced thanks to their modular system. They fill all the human touch-points and non-structural members - the wall, seat cushions, and the protective package units, providing emotional and physical comfort.

Bamboo-like chassis Bubble-like seats  

Through its app, one can join a rideshare group or hop on the nearest available BP. It goes to a passenger like a taxi or to a predetermined location. Depending on the cohort size and purpose, the seating layout can be easily rearranged thanks to the seat matrix on the floor. The inflated bubble seats provide both comfort and robustness. BP boasts the easiest ingress and egress - front, back, and side rows of bubbles all open up at the stop as the air suspension lowers the car and ramps slide out. When used for delivery, the reusable package bubbles replace seat modules, improving space efficiency while protecting the content and the planet.

Flexible application flexible layout