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What would happen when the AI meets sushi?  Infiniti Kato imagines an advanced AI auto-bot that continually updates its form according to the user's desire.

This time it is a car for a sushi chef, this auto-bot wanted to satisfy the owner so badly, it became a giant piece of sushi. The machine gathered reference images for its additive material generation process from the places it visits most frequently, studied the contents of this place online, and found out that its owner was a sushi chef. 



* Independent case study 

The auto-bot learns that it's not just about the transparency and texture of the skin that is important to the chef - it's about how each piece is cut, and how some of the mass is removed and kept. 

Keeping some of the functional areas intact, it generates a cabin with a semi-transparent texture mimicking the fresh flesh of a flatfish and the lampshade made of traditional paper. It concluded that there is a pattern in what the chef likes, semi-transparency, and light. 

The AI found the match at the aesthetic simplicity of Japanese utensils that matched the curvatures of the chef's knives. It began to create a mixture of the two completely different worlds. An organic living creature and the solid metal formed in fire.

The auto-bot also took reference from the skin colours of the sort of premium dish sources like tuna and mackerel and found that it matches the solid quality of slate chopping board that came up with premium sashimi restaurant.   

Through the transparent skin the auto-bot displays the recipe of the day also curated by its own research that the chef sometimes takes notice of anyway. It often shares useful information like the time it will take to work in current traffic conditions. 

Headlights display information while taillamps express emotion. At high speed, the tail lamp grows like fire in the kiln melting and solidifying the metal and whatnot. 

- to be continued

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